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Eliza Miścior "La Morá" (Poland, 1987)

Flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Scholarship holder and graduate of the renowned flamenco academy - Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco in Seville, where in the years 2011-2014 she studied flamenco dance under the guidance of such masters as Milagros Menjíbar, Javier Barón, and Luisa Palicio, to name but a few. She perfected her skills also under the watchful gaze of the outstanding dancers including Úrsula López, Ruben Olmo, Rafel and Adela Campallo, Ana Morales, Andres Peña, and Leonor Leal. Apart from flamenco, she continued to develop her dance skills by training clásico español and escuela bolera with Tamara López (Flamencodanza Estudio) and Mariano Bernal (Centro Andaluz de Danza).

Eliza participated in various artistic projects, including numerous performances, workshops, and concert tours in Poland, Spain, Armenia, and Sweden. In 2013, she was invited to participate as a model in a photography exhibition of Javier Caró entitled “Habitantes del Flamenco” presenting flamenco dancers from all over the world. In the season 2014-2015, she performed in the series of flamenco concerts Miércoles a compás in the Monasterio de La Cartuja organized by the Contemporary Art Center in Seville. Together with artists from Spain, Syria, Finland, Japan and Poland, she co-authored the following dance shows: "El Armario" (premiere: 2013, Norrköping), „Sovitus. La Reconciliación” (premiere: 2014, Seville), and „Tablao Chopin” (premiere: 2015, Seville).


In 2015,  Eliza participated in the ‘Let’s Sing and Dance for Peace’ festival, performing a duet alongside the dancer Diaa Eddin Homsy at the National Opera House in Yerevan, Armenia. As a soloist of the FlamencoArte Dance Theater, she performed in the final episode of the 5th edition of Polish Dancing with the Stars show. In 2016, she danced in the show of the Wrocław Opera „A Spanish Night with Carmen - Zarzuela Show" directed by Waldemar Zawodziński and Ignacio García and choreographed by Manuel Segovia - Cia. Ibérica de Danza. What is more, among other performances, she has been regularly performing at the Tablao Flamenco in Warsaw, she starred the project called Speaking Concerts „Bolero” with the Orchestra Collegium F under the baton of Marcin Sompoliński in the UAM Hall in Poznan, gave a recital in the Czesław Niemen's Concert and Recording Studio of the Polish Radio Koszalin as well as performed in the concert concluding the Festival of Spanish Culture "Los Encuentros" 2017 in Gdańsk. The artist was also professionally related to the Seville-based tablaos such as La Caja Negra, La Garufa, Casa Ensamblá, Flamenquería/Orillas de Triana, and Peña Niño de la Alfalfa, to name but a few.

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